Quickie Facials

These facials are perfect for the girl or guy on the go!   In just 35 minutes or less we will give your skin the nourishment it needs.  We know, sometimes you just don’t have time for a spa day so these quickies are perfect for those looking to maintain their skin between monthly facials.  These are perfect little “pick-me-ups” without a lot of time.

Power Peels

Gives new meaning to the power lunch…if you’re looking for quick, high impact results in a short period of time, just give us 35 minutes and we will give you a noticeably younger face.  This quick facial provides a powerful exfoliation, either glycolic acid or microdermabrasion to remove the buildup of cellular debris which leaves skin smoother, glowing while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores.  This treatment is wonderful for lessening the appearance of acne scars.   In the time you can say “face lift fast” we can give you a whole new outlook on your skin!

Glycolic or Latic Power Peel $65/ $40*                                                                                           
Series of three: $175
Series of six:   $300

Microdermabrasion Power Peel: $96/ $48*
Series of three: $250
Series of Six: $450

Power Pumpkin Peel:              $126/ $68*
Series of Three:                 $343
Series of Six:                     $600

Jessner, TCA, Salicylic Acid Peel pricing available upon request.

*: Pamper Pass pricing

See Spot Run Acne Facial

Acne got you seeing spots?  Never fear, this facial will have you saying the coast is all clear!   This powerful blend of mint, salicylic and glycolic acid will obliterate acne and blackheads leaving skin with a much improved appearance in just an hour.  This  facial will have your skin on the mend and have you saying see spot run!

$96/ $76*

Blue Beauty Basic Facial

Whether dry or oily is neither here nor there...we don’t care.  Let us give you facial nirvana in a just forty minutes.  This customized facial will give your skin balance with a customized mask perfect for just your skin type.  This pint-size facial packs a beauty wallop!  Our estheticians will troubleshoot your skin and turn your skin woes to skin wows!

$46/ $38*

Custom Ella European

Not quite sure what you need, but you know you need a little TLC, well we have the perfect treat for you!  The Custom Ella European facial is tailored for you and your ever changing skin.  Skin oily in the T-zone and dry in the cheeks, blemished, or moody...let our experts analyze and concoct the perfect creation for you!

Add ons: Acne Zap                  $10/$8*        Glycolic Peel    $18/$14*
                Paraffin Mask           $12/$6*        Perfect Pout     $32/$22*
                Microdermabrasion  $50/$30*      Pumpkin Peel  $68/$38*

*: Pamper Pass pricing

Mimosa Facial

This relaxing, anti-aging facial is perfect for sun damaged, under moisturized, dull and maturing skin.  Vitamin C helps the skin appear firmer and more taut, fights environmental and free radical damage, and helps boosts the skins immune response.  This facial contains a vitamin C peel that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, flaky patches, sun damage, uneven skin tone, rough texture and many other signs of aging while it replenishes lost moisture and vitamins.


Champagne and Caviar Facial
Champagne and caviar aren’t only a luxurious treat to eat, but now a decadent treat for the skin.  Champagne activates yeastin an exfoliating enzyme peel while rich mineral-based caviar ampules provide vitamins A,B,B2,B6,D, and E to moisture starved and undernourished skin...and don’t forget the facial paraffin mask.  This facial has all you need to fulfill your champagne wishes and caviar dreams!


The "Take-a-Decade-Off" Facial

This isn’t our most popular facial for nothing!  If you want hands down, fast results this is your facial. This advanced technology includes two of our most popular treatments combined to pack a potent punch.  Microcurrent and a powerful peel cocktail rebuilds collagen,evens skin tone, plumps fine lines and lifts by building muscle tone. We like to think of this as the Cadillac of result driven facials.  

$180/ $98*
Make it a double! ...add a lifting, stem cell or lightning ampoule for only $14!

Spot Remover

This quick 10 minute treatment will leave you saying “what acne?!”  It provides truly amazing results in a matter of minutes.  This powerful spot treatment cocktail of high frequency and salicylic acid will treat both p. acne and cystic acne with minimal side effects.


The Nonsurgical Face-lift
Got pores, lines, dark circles, bags or sags?  How 
about Rosecca or just dull or tired-looking skin?  Well,
we got just the magic wand for that!  This is the most
exciting innovation to hit the skincare industry since
the creation of moisturizer.  Pssst...want to know how
all those celebrities are looking younger and younger
(ok, besides Dr. 90210).  Finally, high impact results
without a scalpel.  This facial uses Microcurrent to tone
skin, dramatically reduce lines, improve texture, 
minimize pores, lift eyes, plump lips and the list goes
on and on.  I know what you are saying,  “Ella, come 
on!   This sounds like make believe, hocus-pocus.”
Well, Virginia...there is a Santa Claus!  

$148/ $88*

Series of five:  $480
Series of eight:  $840

Body Sculpting

Can it really get any better...Oh yes!!  All this great
technology works on the body too!  Diminishes the 
appearance of cellulite, tones muscle and skin.  

Arms                                            $76/ $36*
Series of  five:                             $340
Series of eight:                            $496

Stomach/Back                            $76/$36*
Series of five:                              $340
Series of eight:                            $496

Buttocks and Thighs                   $148/$78*
Series of five:                             $700
Series of eight:                           $1,040

Full Body Sugar Scrub                   

Looking for an all over decadent sweet treat for your body?  This service incorporates massage movements with the exfoliating power of sugar and natural oils to promote circulation, hydration, and exfoliation. We like to think of it like a microdermabrasion for your entire body.  Perfect to give you that all over body glow from head to toe! 

$68/ $48*

Custom Ella European Back Facial

Backs need treatment too! Not quite sure what you need, but you know you need a little TLC, well we have the perfect treat for you!  The Custom Ella European back facial is tailored for you and your ever changing skin. Whether your skin is oily or dry, blemished, or moody...let our experts analyze and concoct the perfect creation for you!


*: Pamper Pass pricing